I Miss BKK

Having born and practically living in Indonesia for almost all my life, I am fortunate to have Bangkok as my home for almost 9 months. A swift decision last August had landed me the opportunity to be assigned to a post in my company’s branch in Bangkok. Swift might be an understatement as the agreement was reach in a couple of hours and all the preparations including working visa were completed within a week. All the flurry had made me too occupied to even contemplate what to expect in Bangkok. I mean I have traveled to Bangkok several times before, but they were only for short trips.

It was the first day of work when it all sank in. The thought of having no friends yet in the city and living in a new environment can be a bit daunting. But meeting new good friends and the support from back home help me to go through it. I keep believing that this experience will be valuable for my future career and life. And it did become a memorable 9 months of my life. Leaving the city at the end of my assignment was a very emotional moment, which was (un)fortunately concealed by a stressful instance of over-baggage at the airport.

The view from my room’s balcony during the day

I miss my hotel room which had become my home in Bangkok. I miss my office and colleagues at Sathorn. I miss the Soi and Chongnonsi intersection that I took to office every day while I was there. I miss authentic Thai food. I miss CentralWorld and the other malls in Siam. I miss the BTS. I miss Lumpini Park and Silom. I miss my friends in Bangkok. I miss Asiatique and other tourist attractions in the city. And most of all, I miss the atmosphere of the very welcoming city.

The view from my room’s balcony at night

Later I will post the story of my trips and experience while in Thailand among other things. And I sincerely hope I will get the chance to go back to Bangkok soon.


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