We All Have to Start Somewhere …

Finally! After apparently too much planning, contemplating and deliberating, I started to create my first blog! It makes me wonder where I have been all this time? I guess I was too busy with all the things life throws at me. Currently I am at that moment when you feel like the world stand still and you have all the time for yourself. Compared to some of those extremely privileged bloggers who have traveled all over the world, my life would seem ordinary. But, hey! Life is not about what things we have done but how passionate we do those things.

This blog will mainly contain my life journey and other things that I observe along the way. I am not that lucky yet to travel that much but there have been some memorable sites that I can share with you here. I hope it can be an inspiration somehow for your next trip, whether it is in Indonesia or around South East Asia. Life is beautiful no matter how simple it is, you just have to change your perspective.

Now that I have officially left the starting block, first (or actually second) post will come soon and I will keep this blog updated! For Indonesian viewers who prefer to read this blog in Bahasa Indonesia, I am also currently developing another blog mirroring this one but in Indonesia at sparkographicsid.wordpress.com. Please feel free to add some comment and for any feedback, you can write to me at emilwahyukarnoto@yahoo.com. See you!


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