Run and Ride around Benjakiti Park

As mentioned in my previous post, another nice park in Bangkok is the Benjakiti Park. This park is located at Asoke, and like Lumpini Park, this park is also surrounded by office buildings, albeit in different area. The park act as a refreshing green space next to the Sukhumvit-Rachadapisek business district. If you take Sukhumvit Line BTS, then the nearest station would be Asoke BTS Station, although from the station you would actually still need to walk around 5 minutes or so to reach the park. But if you take the MRT, you can drop off at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre MRT Station which is just next to the Benjakiti Park.

The whole Benjakiti Park is very clean and nicely maintained
This jogging and cycling tracks go around this artificial lake

Similar to Lumpini Park, there is also a large man-made lake in the middle of Benjakiti Park. The difference is that there are separate jogging and bike riding lanes in here, which go around the lake. This park is smaller and it provides less facility compared to Lumpini park, but Benjakiti Park is also less crowded. It is perfect for joggers and bike riders to exercise around the park. If you want to ride a bike around the park but you don’t bring one, you can easily rent a bike on site. The park also offer much-needed escape for office workers in nearby business districts to relax. Here you can also take the swan boat for a relaxing paddle around the lake. People say that the best time to visit this park is during sunset, as you would see what is claimed to be the nicest sunset in Bangkok. I might need to prove that if I ever take a trip to Bangkok again!

Taking a stroll around the lake is extremely relaxing
High rise buildings in Sukhumvit in the background

Bangkok is so lucky to have these big parks. Bangkok, like many other major cities, is a very crowded city with all the noise and pollution, long working hours and congested traffic. Having green spots like this park can provide a different vibe for city dwellers to be away from hectic routines and consumptive lifestyle without having to travel too far from the city. Meanwhile for tourists, these kind of places will serve as off-beaten-track destinations which is unlikely to be found in generic tour itinerary. Is there any better way to get to know a city well besides trying to live like its resident?



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