The Most Beautiful University in Thailand

Another beautiful place  I visited during my stay in Chiang Rai is a university! The Mae Fah Luang University is said to be one of the most beautiful universities in Thailand. And after I visited the campus, I understand why many would consider so. This university is located on the hills to the north of Chiang Rai city, around 10 minutes from the Mae Fah Luang International Airport. The campus has a very green and eco-friendly environment. They even have their own zero-emission electric vehicles for free transportation inside the campus. Except for some majors, most subjects are taught in English in this university.



The university is named after the King’s Mother, Her Royal Highness Princess Srinagarindra, or better known as Mae Fah Luang. She is very influential in this part of the kingdom as she developed the area to improve the welfare of the people, who in the past was struggling with poverty in the central of opium production region (notoriously known as the Golden Triangle). Besides this university, the international airport of Chiang Rai also use the name Mae Fah Luang.



This university has a very nice design and spread around the hillside. Following the main road into the campus, you will find the main garden between the main Lecture Hall Buildings and in front of the Office of the President. In the nicely lanscaped garden, we can find the statue of Mae Fah Luang, H.R.H. Princess Mother. It was Sunday and there are not a lot of people in the campus. My friends were asking me why did I visit a university on my trip, but this campus is very nicely designed that it is also an attractions to me. I am also a part-time lecturer, so believe me when I told you that this campus is nice. But to see one of the best parts of the campus, don’t forget to visit the Chinese Language and Cultural Center, just 5 minutes walk from this part of the campus.



The Sirindhorn Chinese Language and Cultural Center on this campus is actually a gift from the government of the People’s Republic of China for Thailand.  The center is designed as a traditional Chinese house complete with the gardens and a pond. Everything is with authentic chinese touch in this center, starting from the floor, the wall and windows until the roof of the building. They even have the red chinese paper lantern! This place is so unlike a campus before you see the classroom and it must be super nice to study in a place like this. After seeing my photos of the university, my friends understood why I visit this university during my trip in Chiang Rai. So if you have the chance, you better visit Mae Fah Luang University too!

A quick peek at the classroom !

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