Next to Bali, There is Lombok

Before I continue with my travel posts on Thailand, I would like to write another interesting destination in my homeland Indonesia. As some of you have known, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago with more than 17,000 island, with some 6,000 of them are inhabited. The islands are spread across the equator, between Pacific and Indian Oceans. Consequently, Indonesia is a host of beautiful beaches and wonderful underwater biodiversity. The most famous island is undeniably Bali. But Indonesia is much more than just Bali. As an example, just next to Bali, there is Lombok island.

Mountainous island of Lombok as the airplane is descending
Welcome to Lombok International Airport in Praya, Central Lombok

Lombok island is situated to the east of Bali, with several flights are connected to the newly operated Lombok International Airport. Lombok is the main island in Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) province with the province’s capital Mataram is located in the heart of Lombok. Lombok is gathering more fame lately as more visitors are coming here for holiday. The island is quite mountainous with Mount Rinjani as the highest peak in Lombok stands at 3,726 meters above sea level, making it the second highest volcano in Indonesia. You can even see this volcano from Sanur beach in neighbouring Bali! If you have the time, trekking to the Rinjani National Park promises beautiful scenery. I have not had the chance for this but I did once visit a waterfall called Sindang Gile at the foot of the mountain.

Lust vegetation at the foot of Mount Rinjani
A two tier of waterfalls of Sindang Gile in Senaru

The most famous beach in Lombok is Senggigi beach. The white sandy idyllic beach is perfect for relaxing, with a lot of hotels and cottages can be found in this area. Several clubs and restaurants can also be found here. The perfect time to visit the beach is late in the afternoon as we can see beautiful sunset from Senggigi while enjoying dinner by the beach. Continuing the journey from Senggigi up the hill, we will find Puncak Malimbu. In this spot, we can see the landscape of the island with all it can offer, from beach, ocean and mountains. Along the way we will also find endless seams of coconut trees.

A very picturesque sunset in Senggigi beach
From Puncak Malimbu, we can see the landscape of this tropical island

In Lombok, most visitors would continue their journey to the nearby Gili Trawangan Island or the other two small islands just to the west of Lombok. And some others would prefer the more quiet Kuta Beach in south Lombok, which is clean and pristine and less crowded compared to other beaches in Lombok.  More on both spots will be covered in the next posts. Till then!



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