The Other Kuta Beach

Kuta beach is the most famous beach in Bali. It is located in the crowded Kuta-Legian area in Bali and become one of the main destinations in the island. But not many people know that there is also a beach with the same name in neigbouring Lombok island. The Lombok’s version of Kuta beach is located to the south of Lombok, around 20 minutes from Lombok International Airport in Praya. In quite a contrast to Bali’s Kuta beach, the Kuta beach in Lombok is somewhat quiet and serene. Compared to Senggigi and Gili Trawangan, the area of south Lombok is still less developed. Although there are already a couple of 5-star resort hotels in the area, it is still less visited and not too well-known.

Welcome to Kuta Lombok Beach!
It is very quiet here unlike Bali’s Kuta beach

One of the reasons for this is the location of the beach which is relatively far to the other destinations in Lombok. Whereas Senggigi and the three Gilis are only a boat trip away, and also not too far from the province’s capital of Mataram, Kuta beach is located quite secluded to the southern tip of the island. But believe me when I say that this place worth the long trip. Beside that the beach is still quiet and less crowded, the sand is pristine white and the water is very clear. The mountainous coastal landscape also creates spectacular scenery with many cliffs leading to the sea. In my opinion, Lombok’s Kuta beach is even prettier than the more popular Bali’s Kuta. The Kuta Lombok beach is also known as a nice surfing spot, thus we will find some surfers heading to this beach.

What is nicer than pristine white sandy beach and clear blue water
You can also take boat trip to explore the bay

There are several nice beaches in the area. One spot that you should also visit is the Tanjung Aan which is located around 5 minutes from Kuta beach. In this quite remote bay, there is a rock leading to the sea which separates two nice beaches, Aan beach to the west and Pedau beach to the east. If you climb this rock (don’t worry, there is a stairway available), you can get a spectacular view of the whole bay, including both beaches to either sides. Just like the Kuta beach, the beaches here is also very clean with clear water and white sands. But if you are being observant, the sands here is more pepper-like compared to smooth white sands in Kuta beach.

Climb this rock to view spectacular view of Tanjung Ann
To the west, we have this spectacular view of Aan beach

If you visit or stay at Novotel Hotel in the area, you will have the Putri Nyale Beach which is also nice and secluded. Whichever beaches you decided to visit in southern Lombok, they are still less visited compared to the other beaches in western Lombok. Sometimes there would be local children in the beach trying to sell bracelets and women selling souvenirs like shirts and sarongs. For this traditional woven cloth (kain tenun), you can also go to the weaving village of Sukarare. Besides various colourful sarongs and woven souvenirs, you can also try out to weave one yourself. But don’t expect to complete it as it sometimes it would take a month to finish one!

To the east, we have this equally spectacular view of Pedau beach
Try to weave this colourful cloth in the traditional way!

This conclude my posts on my previous visits to Lombok. The journey had been fun and memorable. And to be frank, there are still a lot of Lombok which I have not explored yet, including the Rinjani National Park or the Pink beach. Yes, a beach with pinkish sand! I wish I can visit the beach one day. I would love to visit this island again and I am also hoping to explore other islands to the east of Indonesia like Sumba, Flores and Komodo islands, which are supposed to be exquisite and starting to attract more visitors. Ah, so much more to be included in my bucket list!


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