Social Enterprise to The Next Level at Singha Park

That lion statue looks very familiar? Have you seen it as a logo somewhere in Thailand? If your answer is Singha beer, one of the most famous beer brand in Thailand, then you are correct. For this posting, I get back to my trip to Chiang Rai province in Thailand. And this huge lion statue can be found in Singha Park, just 12 kilometers to the south of Chiang Rai city. It is about the same direction as Wat Rong Khun, the White Temple, so it would be better to put these two destinations in your itinerary next to each other.

This golden giant statue looks very familiar, right?
Next to the car park, you will find the shops and the park’s information center

This Singha Park is previously known as Boon Rawd Farm which is owned by Boon Rawd Brewery which is a subsidiary of Singha Corporation. This company is Thai’s leading beverage maker, which include the well-known Singha beer. But if you expect to find crates of beers and an operating brewery in this place, then you will be disappointed. Singha Park is the company’s social enterprise developed to benefit local farmers and to attract visitors to Chiang Rai. This vast and beautiful park is suitable for the whole family as it offers a lot of fun activities.

Lanna-style flag surrounded by flowers near the park’s entrance
We can find fields of colourful flowers everywhere in the park

As any other parks would obviously offer, you will find trees and colourful flowers in the park. Lots of them! The flower beds near the parking lot is also a nice place to take photos. Also in the area is souvenir shop and coffee shop as well as information center. We can find various agricultural products from this farm in this shops. There is also a bike rent kiosk there in case you want to explore the park on bike. If you don’t feel like riding a bike, you can take the shuttle bus which will take you for a tour around the park. But the highlight of the park is definitely the gigantic golden Singha statue in the middle of the grassy hill nearby. It is undoubtedly a mandatory photo spot for everyone visiting the park, especially for beer lovers!

View from the observation deck near Bhu Bhirom Restaurant
Workers tidy the lawn near the tea plantation with the lake in the background

Driving up the hill a bit, we can reach the Bhu Bhirom restaurant. This is supposedly the highest spot in the park, so you will get nice view of the surroundings. Near the restaurant there is an observation deck overseeing the large part of the park, including a vast tea plantation and an (I assume) artificial lake in the distance. For those seeking more excitement, there is a wall climbing activity and zipline from a 9-storey tower for a spectacular view of the park. For kids, there is also a petting zoo in the area which will surely be an interesting attraction for them.

Need more excitement? Try the zipline from this 9 storey tower!
Very typical farm-style entrance of the Singha Park Farm

What started out as a corporation’s social enterprise, the park has become a tourist attraction which is also beneficial to the people in the area. They say Singha Park even attracts one million visitors each year! That is a very impressive number. This park is a treat for the whole family and it is a very nice place to spend your weekend. If I had the chance to return to Chiang Rai, I will definitely return to this park to spend more time and enjoy more things that the park has to offer.


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