It’s Always Tea Time!

Sharing about tea plantation in Shingha Park in the previous post, it reminds me of another tea plantation which I visited during my trip to Chiang Rai. This one is called Choui Fong Tea plantation. The plantation is managed by Choui Fong Tea Co. Ltd. which is the largest tea producer in Chiang Rai with exports to various parts of the world. The plantation site is located in Mae Chan district, up the mountains to the north of Chiang Rai city. It took me more than a hour drive from the city to reach this spot.

Welcome to Choui Fong Tea Plantation!
My dream house? Modern architecture in the middle of a plantation like this

It took some long and winding road to reach the plantation, but seeing rows and rows of tea trees really just increase the anticipation. And once the car is parked on top of the hill, the scenery is truly wonderful. This vast tea plantation is situated in a highland area 1,200 meters above sea level. With this ideal climate, Choui Fong Tea Plantation grows several kinds of tea such as Oolong, Green and Black Tea. The air in the plantation is very refreshing since it is located in the mountains, far from the main road and populated area. The neatly cropped green rows of tea trees cascading down the hill is a pleasant sight indeed and become a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Visit this shop for a nice green tea cake and a refreshing Thai tea
Rows of tea trees as far as the eyes can see

Also located on top of the hill are the main structures of the plantation which consists of a factory with a small shop and a cafe next to it. The cafe sells many kinds of cakes and drinks, which obviously mainly made of tea products. Where is a better place to drink refreshing milk tea than in the middle of a tea plantation on a hot afternoon? They are also selling various kinds of tea products and other souvenirs like shirts and postcards in the shop. Suffice to say that I got too excited so I forgot that I need to restrain myself as I already had an excess baggage!

The sun shed some lights on the highland through the clouds
Can I send the postcards to Indonesia from here?



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