The Beach by The Bay

During my stay in Lampung, I had the chance to visit Sari Ringgung Beach. This beach is located in Pesawaran, Southern Lampung. We can reach the beach with around an hour drive from the city of Bandar Lampung. This beach is located around the western part of Lampung bay area. There are actually several beaches around this area, including the nearby Mutun Beach. If we make further drive along the road, we can find Klara Beach and Kiluan Bay. Just like in many other beaches in Indonesia, the beaches in this province is also being developed to attract more visitors.

Finally, this gate told us that we arrived at the right place
We can find a mangrove forest on the way to the beach

Such improvement can also be seen in Sari Ringgung Beach. Along the beach we can find a line of beach gazebos, which are for rent for only IDR 50,000. Visitors can rest and relax and find protection from the sun under the shades of this gazebos. We can also find a couple of building which provide clean shower and toilet facility. There are also a couple of cafes and food stalls in the beach area. The sand in the beach is white and very fine. There are not too many waves and the sea is quite calm. For those looking for more excitement, there are speedboats for rent and also a banana boat. For children, there are several playground including waterslides in the shallow water. However like most beaches in Indonesia, I don’t see any lifeguards on duty, so children should always be accompanied while playing on the beach.

Hike up this hill to get an aerial view of the beach
This fascinating view can be seen from the viewpoint on the hill
This is the first time  I ever see a floating mosque in the middle of the sea

Next to the beach there is also a dock with boat service which can take visitors around the bay including to Pasir Timbul, a small island of sand in the middle of the sea. Interestingly, we could also find a floating mosque just off the beach. For a better view of the whole beach area, we can climb to the observation point on the hill nearby which also offer an outbond hiking trail. For this place, we will get an aerial view of the beach and the bay. We can also see the east side of the bay at the back ground as you could as well test your eye sight and try to find the tower of an electric plant in Tarahan.

The beach is nice and clean with white sands
Children were playing on the beach with slides nearby
These colorful boats can take you around the bay

The water is quite clear and you can swim all the way from the beach to the border of the area safe for swimming, indicated by red flags. As the water is quite shallow, we can actually walk, yes walk, until the that border and the water only reach waist-deep! Do not wander pass this border though, as the depth might change drastically. It has been an enjoyable visit to the beach and a memorable 5 day trip to this province. I am looking for to visit Lampung again in the future to visit my relatives and hopefully I can get to explore more attractions that Lampung has to offer.

Have I mentioned that the water is very clear here?
My cousin and I were this far from the shore and it was only this deep!



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