Doi Inthanon – The Twin Chedis

The highlight of the Doi Inthanon is actually the massive twin chedis which are located less than 10 minutes from the summit of the mountain. These chedis were built by the Thai Royal Air Force to commemorate the late King’s and the Queen’s 60th birthdays. This location is visited by many visitors and locals alike. The scenery is here is fascinating, a nice substitute for the one at the summit, or the lack thereof. Besides the two chedis, there is a vast garden which when I was there it were still under construction.

The dark brown Chedi of the late King stands resolute on top of the hill
The hall inside of the King’s chedi is beautifully decorated
This mural around the chedi also looks valiant

The first large chedi is a bold brown Chedi built in 1987 in honour of the late King Bhumibol’s 60th birthday. This chedi is named Pra Mahathart Napamaythaneedol Chedi and it stands tall on top of the hill with a staircase leading to the chedi ground. For those not so fancy climbing all the steps, there is also an escalator next to it. While the architecture of the chedi is majestic enough, the decorations inside and around the late King’s chedi are marvelous. Around the chedi we can find panels of wall murals made of brown bricks, and inside of the chedi, the Buddha statue sits at the center of a wonderful hall decorated with more murals and golden leaves.

The lilac hue of the Queen’s chedi makes it looks softer and more compassionate
This decoration inside the chedi is in harmony with the whole theme
The soft tone of the Queen’s mural is in contrast to the King’s chedi

Meanwhile on top of the adjacent hill, a mirroring chedi can be found in a more feminine lilac colour. This Pra Mahathart Napapoommsiri Chedi was built to honour Queen Sirikit’s 60th birthday in 1992. Similar to the King’s chedi, there are also a staircase and escalators leading to the top of the hill where the chedi is located. In this Queen’s chedi, around the chedi we can find attractive murals made of lilac/purple/pink ceramics. Inside of the chedi, we can find the Buddha statue stands in the center with beautiful mural paintings around the hall in softer tone compared to the other chedi.

It would be wonderful once the garden work is completed
The landscape around the chedi was also being improved
The cascade of the mountain is beautiful to see

It is a wonderful sight to see these twin chedis, either from a distance and from up close. Both have different characteristics with different decorations but by visiting them both we can sense how both chedis complement each other. It was too bad that most part of the garden between the two chedis were still being constructed (or maybe repaired?) as I bet it would be beautiful once everything is set now. And also from the garden near the King’s chedi, we get to see the view of the mountains, a view which earlier cannot be observed from the summit of Doi Inthanon. It is pleasant to see the mountain over mountain in different shades of green and blue, a nice addition to the wonderful sight that visitors can enjoy with the twin chedis.


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